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Supplicants Benality (Relapse Record 2011)

   Crushing like the beast augmented of no return scene for the heavier sets on Doom Metal/Sludge and Black Metal as the glorious down-tempo in full-length onto the colossal drumming beats, bursting riffs or droning and absolute torturing growlers via Guiltless – the album from the group: Indian as they’re coming from Chicago, IL consisting of Dylan O’Toole (guitar/vocals), Will Lindsay (guitar/vocals), Ron DeFries (bass) and Bill Bumgardner (drums) fierce in emotions for blasting their rights to punching the reality overboard; as the artworks really showing the finest and thus sufficient regarding format of Heavy Metal extremities blended hard within the examples of you to taste via the tracks of progressive-metallic parts of different durations like The Fate Before Fate 04:52, Guilty 04:28 or The End of Truth 05:28 and No Grace 06:39. Let loose the infliction of tribal-hatred over the white world’s burden aid.