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Suomi Kuntoon (Bandcamp 2016)

Bandits of Punk-Hardcore whose loving Venom and parasite-based punkish rebels within the consistent members of brute attitudes to music basher: Lauri (guitar/vocals), Risto (bass, vocals) and Mika (drums, vocals) going shortly, devastating on their Punk N’ Roll Death-core sound blending here via the mini recording entitled Ryovari off the infamous Helsinki – Finland as the meaning reality of the title is also pointing on robbers, crooks or rascals as well.

The two minutes and forty-eight seconds of Kayttaja or User to Larppaavat Natsit (Lazy Natsit) and those four songs available in just a slight moment blasting your sound system out when it’s loud.  Still one might love to have this kind of examples for addictive Hardcore Metal performance installments just like how Finnish people like to do their own style indifferently disturbing by the hilarious double pedals and power riffs run amok !!!