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Sun Tears From (Independent 2011)

   Boogie smashing and original proto-drumming to those riff-age shredding and Psych recording fits for those hunters as their music builds between the borderland and labyrinth of measuring Rock n’ Roll progressiveness of heaviness made as performed by Regina, Saskatchewan band – Black Thunder whose sounding closely onto the glam-alleyways of hard amphetamine psych-boogie of the 70’s era to Progressive Rock borderland or rougher chugs nicely cutting the edgy power of loud music for the melodic and force of pounding occult of imaginative world by Tony Frank (guitar, vocals), Neil Lutz (drums) and Dustin Wiebe (bass guitar) miraculously, drawing merlin towards the cover front and shiny magic ryas of him spreading like the majestic tracks of ten from this self-titled recording of Black Thunder.
   Either you will picking Sea Witch or Burning Fields, White Wizard Mountain onto Space Age Renegade in standard tempos available there by the group as being tenaciously, lead thus six strings guitar plays as well-mastered to thus bass-lined organic and drum-kit basher coalitions to the Hard Rock squeezers your stereo system in focus !

Black Thunder: