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Summer/Fall (Independent 2015)

Performed by dear Asian-descends lovely singer from New Brunswick – New Jersey named Leslie Bear featuring her two mates musicians: Stefan Koekemoer (drums) and Tom Christie (bass, lead guitar, vocals) mixing their good porch-spotted Devotional Alternative Pop or Bedroom Ambient-Pop or Folk/Drone-loops with much amounts for Indie Rock as easy-listening and quiet calm music for the good timing on ears to hear as being thr trio of Long Beard as exact as the beauty and sweetening lyrics or themes over the darkened dim living-room light placing outside closer to the woody’s edge via Sleepwalker album.
Haunting guitars, pressing play and atmospheric dreamy energy induced not losing via the track-listing of Hates The Party, Turkeys, Suburban Sunset, Someplace or Morning Ghost truly – drawing the imaginative panorama over The Garden State of mind being carves to your heart.