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Suckerpunch On (Jive/Silvertone 2000)

Small town afternoon atmosphere, the smells of woods or the small factory or even horse shit whether originally came from Wichita Falls, Texas then moving the base to Denton but playing the teaming-up boredom games can make yourself dumb; that’s why Bowling For Soup quartet have decided to leave but before that writing their own memorable and real story to tell to their fans and within all thus sarcastic lyrics like The Bitch Song or Valentino written and composed by Chris Burney, Erik Chandler, Gary Wiseman and Jaret Reddick truly would catching your attentions especially all those nerdy kids army may finding their shelter under the strong personality and rebel punkish attitude from Bowling For Soup whom releasing their greatest recording ever made here – Let’s Do It For Johnny!!
With Alternative Rock, Pop-Rock and Skater-Punk combinations and there’s no hesitation for anyone cannot be connected to every lyrics of daily issues and story to tell and sometimes, the bad dreams won’t go away. Pictures He Drew, Dance With You, Scope and Belgium to the classic cover from Bryan Adams’ Summer of ’69 cranking great and as your evening comes the band already becoming your favorable once again …  

Let's Do It For Johnny: