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Stretch Am Not (Independent 2001)

   Three piece of the Irish similar The Dead Kennedys, Nomeansno and The Offspring  but only to be influenced by either Jello Biafra or The Specials and Big Country. A product of infamous idea from Jonathan Yates with Dave Gormley (drums) and Kevin Pluck (guitars) as the noises sampling that emerged over the recording hitting the road with the blending of Industrial Metal/Punk Rock and Alternative Music spawning the recording that being called – All That’s Left in Fun with ghostly figures and X-Ray capturing picture over the track-listed repertoir on Hail to The Ground, Saints, Items, The Door or Breed of The New Stars (part 1 and parts 2).

One will liking this Ireland's Rock group – just like a grown up old infamous lovers on comics and stuff from the nineties kid turning mature but never changed inside.

All That's Left Is Fun: