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Stereogram (Section Records 2010)

   Real name Nick Brennan but in or not through the addresses like "soundcloud", resident advisory or twitter, our music composer and producer will be disguising himself as the elusive Tripswitch – an Electronic/Downtempo/Ambient instrumentalist or featured song performance via thus mainly noise samples and tricky beats coming within the release of the second effort called Geometry where everyone whom listening can find the quality relaxing time via Circularity, Goldbach’s Conjecture, Floating Point and many more choices to make or just automatically, Harmonic Mean like Glide Reflection from the equipment that dealt in music to your stereo – whether you in a cottage around Bora Bora or by the beach outskirt Maldives or within songs of Concentric Circles (vocals – Natasha Taylor) to Strange Parallels (written by Jessica Brennan & Nick Brennan) attending a wedding invitation on the hills of electrifying metro nights.

Things possibly looking good by travelling.