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Splitting Window’s (Bandcamp 2015)

Brisbane/Hong Kong based musician babe or just, one calling her as her being named by herself as Ruby Nightingale; playing her Folky Pop tissues of harmony softer sophomore musical written by independent self as she also playing guitars, piano and singing with the helpful company of music players: Adam Ackerman (bass, piano) and Nick Kwas (violin). A female acoustic Indie-Folk songs available through Ruby’s releasing record called Sleeping In Pashminas – sounded familiar-ly not consumptive, breakable in vulnerability, closer to the sadness after the funeral on Pop or eventually, grab your attentions by giving the breathe of life to be carried out by those songs like The Sea Song, A Warning, Straight Teeth, Favourite Freckle Red Rib all the way to Leaving Blooming; as the haunting voices and smart choices made by the girl onto moving permanently, in settle for New York.

Between the breezing rain, late Autumn heat burns and the particles of snows falling faster ...

Sleeping in Pashminas: