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Sparrow Volume (Self-Released 2012)

   Suitable as it may composing their coalescence epidural on Progressive Rock crown off Edmonton, Alberta teaming-up unit for guitarist Tim Tymo, keyboardist Conrad Leibel, vocalist and percussionist Tomas Andel to bassist Steven Boehm as a quartet with high visibility to rocking hard as their powerful solid techniques requires a supreme level at stakes even the risky ones. Experimenting their Progressive Rock metallic and Post-metal gradations over the musical performance and delightful sounds as much melodic and solos jamming as far you can reached to listen for the recording on Shock Of Life where the pictograph of a mysterious floating living ectoplasma might considering to make your attention raising for this album after seeing the cover.
Recorded songs like the brilliant sophomore on ten tracks there: Little Mass, Challenges, Closer To The Truth and Circumstance or Knight of Dull Armour may sharing the reasons off the resonance collaborative from these Canadian to grow bigger as they’re rise. 

The simple name of Fringe must be a good choice for them to introducing the meaningful music and the journey within but later, in the end it is the results that matters ...

Shock Of Life: