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Snow Raining (Bandcamp 2017)

 First album, fresh Indie Rock band with their tags onto the influenced and background and musical colors are here to share with Indie-Rock and Shoegaze over Alternative Modern-Pop Rock signals via Blue Face everywhere and thankfully, glad – this group from El Paso, Texas didn’t too afraid not to sharing their information through the internet and social media as the music for the band relatively written as a togetherness in happy and worse; Gonzales Grant (bass guitar), Mario Luis (guitars, vocals) and Malone Seymore (drum set) and keyboards providing by Owen Wilson. Not actually, such an incident unpredictable and places can be a spot for anyone to seeing you either you may loved to listening the Eels-liked music for Fat Camp: Trapped in Your Universe, Thunderbird, Goodbye Gypsy and Hello Life as we counting the merely slips out from our gripped via Time Of Day that still amazed the others how they’re taking care their cars.

Blue Face: