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Sleaze Necromania (Hells Headbangers 2011)

   Cleveland – Ohio Extreme pleasure in the making for this collision of Speed Metal/Thrash/Heavy Rock to Black Metal alliance over the concept made by the group calling themselves Midnight; consisting for Bob Zieger, Jamie Walters and (used to be) Terry Hanchin, Joel Fischer or Shaun Filley as numbers of more ex-members on studio or live performance comes and go but the entire leading role being hold still by Athenar as exclusively writing and performs the music shows of the group.    Looking through Midnight’s second efforts there entitled – Satanic Royalty; the audience can foresee the real solutions as the manageable basic obligations written and composed upon the slaying killer riffs, loud tempo music and obeying commands for Satan’s words of wisdom to either executing those whom blocking your way or purposes and allegedly, offering the ritual sacrifice on women to him as the banging Heavy Metal sounds occurs on the background like the metallic/punkish songs of Black Damnation, Violence On Violence, Savage Dominance, Holocaustic Deafening and You Can’t Stop Steel – truly, bashing the stereo system in like a hurricane from the depth of hell. 
Hailing the miserable themes variant showing like a bare-footed subjects to follow as thus followers drunken for the blistering music and abnormal sexual course like orgy displaying like the innocence tongues licking the devil’s dick for the first time – they’re falling into the ultimate sins that night. 

Ripping the global religious youth community by Midnight force ...

Satanic Royalty: