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Skitter Lunch Hurt (Restless Records 1986)

   Mistakenly seeing the escaping group of small aliens called The Krites to Earth as meteorites; little Brad finding himself not only grounded for trying silly things with his retarded friend and town drunker Charlie back in their rural Kansas farming land in Critters (the movie) directed by Stephen Herek as this American Sci-Fi comedy horror reality might reminding a similarity to other horror comedy before it or close-themed but still here with the creatures easily can consuming grown up cows or any cattle and chickens because they’d bigger appetites and the dangerous looking spikey ball faster and those shooting poisonous spikes as well really can spreading hysteria among the residents of that small town.
   The incoming of two bounty hunters from outer space hired to eliminates those Krites makes the story go further interesting and funny; as the blank-head hunter undecided featureless retaining to be disguised as either the church reverend or Charlie and the other learning the earth’s television transmission decided to be Johnny Steele – the rock star singer with the furor actions across town from the blasting of the church to the bowling alley club and such before lead their pursue to meet Brad, headed back to his house for saving his family from the Critters raid. 
   Musically, the soundtrack did pretty good session for scenery and sections over Meanwhile Back at The House, Looking in The Cellar, Jay and Brad Look For The Critters, Jeff is Dinner, The House Returns, etc with David Newman as the music composer/producer on writing thus Electronic/Modern Classic and Contemporary instrumental orchestra and strings arrangements which is partly, eerie, scary and sometimes silly. 
   This Critters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) along with some featured song singles inside telling you about how then, the Browns family finally, defeat the dangerous, hungry, flesh-eater creatures with the help from two bounty hunters and town sheriff and Charlie blowing-up the spaceship but showing some new eggs of krites ready to hatch to attack humans again ...

Critters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):