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Skating Telephone (Not On Label 2017)

   Mystified curly brunette and sensual Alternative Jangle-Pop voice in the fixing features on her own solo project – Shot From A Cannon must be your ultimate lesser-known albums out there that needs to have purely, more attentions cause bringing most intentions and good catchy musical to our ears completely vulnerable but also melodious.
Within thus ringing bells on the track-listed songs releasing to make harmony sounds saving grace again while the house needs a repairing for a quite some times; I Won’t Do It, Charged, Elm and Pine to I Can See You’re Going or You’re My Favorite Waste of Time commencing the lock of lovely romance long gone left behind for being silly but nowadays, smarter and independent as Rachel Kiel’s figure of stronger female playing Indie music – a product of native female from Carrboro, North Carolina.

Shot From A Cannon: