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Sir Impaler (Self Released 2017)

   Metallic edges off the likes for Mastodon or Bullet For My Valentine comes from this Leeds’ trio of Alternative Metal reminiscing punishments over Gojira onslaught bashing your stereo system and forcing you and the rest to head-banging harder for House Of The Tiger King which either related to the infamous king Ezekiel and his tigress shiva from the television zombies surviving series or the three piece of metal-heads of Nomasta; Owen Wilson (vocals, guitars), Kris Allen (bass, vocals) and Andy Richards (drums) from West Yorkshire – UK comes in throwing their double pedals and heaviest riff-age to break your normal November getting over the romance but attacking the reality for complicated hidden world of yours and the haves underneath the caving city within thus complex architectures and shape-figurines but never strong to hold the apocalypse that never waiting too long to occurs.

The Book Burners as well as Alchematic, This Trail got The Best of Us and Hard as a Coffin Nail whilst ended with Dawnbreaker – releasing the powerful force of destruction for the world of one and smaller realm to see the end is near and these songs would be the redemption to confess ...

House Of The Tiger King: