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Shuffle Alabama (Nice To Eat You 2014)

   Ravensburg – Germany guttural slamming da shit up ! – jamming sickness from the south part of it as everything that kills would be their influenced for the causing and effective themed writing lyrics and songs.
Death-Grind collective six-piece band and brutally bashing in semi-standard heavy stomping beats to the growling vocals like a reptilian voice comes out as Murder On Acid really fits to describing on how the world should seeing Incinerated Flesh slamming the scene with their listed horrific tracks here as the mad psychotic man bring the meat-cleaver to slaying your family up. 
   Head-bang or just fuckin’ die … Feel the hatred and the pleasure of non-scietific insanity via the regular titles such as The 5 O’Clock Slam, Sudden Death Mode, Terror Vs. Terror to Mexican Stand Off and ask yourself today – are you really like being a good and kind person or are you already bored not to do something “really bad” to those whom being cruel to you ? 
Don’t worry and be honest – for those answers can be neglected a fine quiz winner of abnormality anomaly thanks to this Slam Crew Industries distribution album.

Murder On Acid: