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Shofatt Eves (Self-Released 2017)

Ambient Drone and waving meditative relaxation of the sound-art warmth vegetating the grown-up plantations of tuning tones blossoms over the next last weeks of the counting down before November touches the beginning of December as seven songs recording formula on this released album of Blank Embrace’s Dojd’rain seems to showing us the dark blue horizon sky brings the last radish yellowing pastures of colors from the last month’s harmony. Whether it’s about the surrounding of Yassey, Russia or anywhere else provides; from Alee Kish, Frozo to Kaia and Cigyett or Rhye must be returned with the beaming glow phase of ray-lights as if the rainy season already coming back or the hallucinating heat of global warming sending this imaginative danger immediate too sure towards the inhabitants territories. 

An actual weather changer music maker might be a girl …