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Shamal Monsters (Self-Released 2017)

Ultimo Alternativa Cantautore or easily called Progressive Rock project hailing from Milan, Italy as the six-piece group consisting on Paolo (drums), Arro (bass), Dani and Marco (guitars), Fede (vocals) to Dario (keyboards/vocals) making the neat and high-tech attempts via their lead singer female Fede with her great voice and the reminder of the band themselves comes in a fully listed awesome sounds build over the tolerable Prog-Rock project as Diraxy.
A floating momentary lapse of void into the unknown dark but thankfully, the music helps the woman being introduced to the new environment like abductions where there’s no fear but questions just like the rest of the band’s compositions here within the recording of The Great Escape being share to us all to hear. 
As eleven tracks on the list really amazing to put on play on your stereo system as for those the lovers of this genre scene might smiling to have the album and the band completely in one package while the imagination wandering like the hydrogen balloon as Hideout or Naschi or Fooling Gravity as well as Shelter won’t becoming just as simple non-responsible phrase as Lie To Me. 

One shall finding the true balance of consciousness and remorse via this one !

The Great Escape: