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Sepolto La Nube (Macina Dischi/Sound Of Cobra 2015)

   Scary shit on the pointy echoes for noise-sounding over improvisation, psychedelic jamming to mind-blows of analog-shelter views of extra-ordinary visions on musical blending through Kraut-Rock/Avant Garde and Psych devotions with the team members of Andrea Giotto, Emanuele Baratto, Marco Giotto and Matteo Bordin of the Italian band: Squadra Omega releasing their third albums so far from their collections - Altri Occhi Ci Guardano as this Jazzy Rock progressions and Psychedelic within those songs written and composed here by them; Sospesi Nell’Oblio, La Nube Di Oort, Il Labirinto as well as Hyoscyamus to Il Buio Dentro or Le Rovine Circolari presenting the unbelievable surroundings effect through the abstracted fusion led coalitions over the group’s interests meet the ideas of arrangements on Kraut-Rock features model.

Sounded adventuring, mysterious and totally, amazing to hear !