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Scorned Sane (Independent 2016)

Bassist Stu betts, Gordo Steinberger (drums, samples), guitarist double force of evil Ian McAllister and Neil Walton to lead vocalist Chad Ball remains drowning themselves onto the extreme underground fast-blisters of Thrasy Metal grooving proud as the group representing their heritage hometown of Perth, Western Australia as being active and loudest to producing those shared metallic sessions of non-occasional but very critical obliteration sounds via Kintsukuroi mini album where – Kimura the band did what they’re best at being dangerously, punchy as throwing the six tracks of featuring heavy riffs and good artworks not mentioning the blasting amount of rubbish world and garbage earth to live on as Forsaken, Decay and Book of The Dead for the messages sounded clear enough to be loud sending through your head-banging stereo system and it’s not just chill-spawned on modern Pantera or timeless The Haunted and Devildriver-tinged influences; this is dynamic brutal !!!