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Schwarzschild Radius (Not On Label 2012)

   Horrible, wonderful, mechanical and considering virtual as the essential of Heavy Metal extreme main-framed blending through Thrash, Industrial-Doom, Science Fiction aggressive over this one-man metallic project of Kansas City’s Brandon Duncan as he bringing the Missouri-based Death/Thrash Metal scene completely, to your face via the demolishing music performance on the stereo as The Sequence Of Prime baptizing the name of itself; releasing the two world dimension of calm and chaos, blue and red as well as watery or burnt which collectively – showing the man’s talents for making and playing those musical instruments with growling vocals fronting his own beast-creations on the third recording called Inter- consisting of ten tracks which mostly, loud and disturbing like them who loves the composing records made by Strapping Young Lad or the melodic Death Metal scene.
Whether you got Tachyon, Ultimate Ensemble, Denouement, Vertex or Directed Panspermia; the age of space-travelling or Hologram might enters intermission and disaster over our atmosphere not just by pollutant but the radiations from deep of the uncharted universe may not becoming secrets anymore.