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Sausage Cathedral (Ossuary Industries 2015)

Slamming melodic and brutal about Death Metal in all its dignity via delivering off bashing drumming, destructive bass-line and solo slashing six strings on double headers of slaytanica skeletoniac metallic which comes aggressively, agitating. Are the foursome quartet comprising on Evan (vocals), Mark guitars/vocals), Tim (bass) and Mike (drums) which composing the slamming comedian of metallic exposures via Death Metal alliance attacks here by announcing Composted on the releasing album devastated caustic over Plump Up The Volume within the track-listed tracks available there as your demolished themes blasting louder via Trollin’_4_Hogan, Brass Moose Knuckles, BB(W)Q, OB/GYN O.G onto Slit N’ Slide to Gone baby Gonorrhea – easily proving that the extreme ways and scene will always shall be there forcing the ordinary world to be scared off them as the underground keeps on invading the edge of your mainstream with terrors !

Plump Up The Volume: