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Saturdaze Jupiter (Not On Label 2017)

Bathing yourself on wine for this season change greetings would be a good thing as an idea but whether you’re a unicorn boy or man; feeling the Down-Tempo/Beat-Tape or Hip-Hop instrumental in Lo-Fi mellow and chill-out atmosphere would be a chance that you wouldn’t ever wanted to lose these vary on extended play record Seven Day Weekend – alternate performance made by our composing musician and arranger artists from Tampere – Finland; Ville Nieminen.
Keep on experimenting for stay hungry must be the slogan of himself disguising as The Villain for the love of Hip-Hop/ Triphop or Ambient musical project as the album here can be your proof to listen and relaxing. 
Within seven tracks and less vocals but music pops-up clearly cool but never losing its great mixture for the chilling atmosphere; Today Was A Tuesday, Friday Cold Jacuzzi, Light Blue Sunday and more should really entertaining your habit for listening to music as good and warm as the season gets underneath the cold breeze. 
Produced and creating in artistic soften careful talents for your comfortable non-religious moments.

Seven Day Weekend EP: