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Sanguis Sanctus (Bunkier Productions 2014)

   Harmonic doomy atmosphere session towards the Vancouver – British Columbia proof about how Lucifer once had sculpted his ideas in the flesh of mortal men; holy death throne needs to be guarded from being occupied by other godly beings and through the meditative personal and hidden penetrating well as hymns onto the darkness of heart below – spreading thus blessings occult and illumination internal. As the tales of the early mankind existence – where Cain kills his own brother Abel and Tubal-Cain becoming so powerful which leads to the rebellion of the high ranked angels against lord elohim.
Casting them like a fallen star to earth where they’re breeding the women of men taken as their own wives but the original sins already spreading wider across the land. 
Neo-Folk and Dark Ambient and acoustic-traditional can forcing the listeners to liking the header banging as The Luciform playing and sang by hundreds like iconic; Silencing Aeons not really an opener that stick to shocking the audience while the most symbols displayed there all referred to the messianic image in pro-satanica or pagan beliefs; as when the melodic clear like crystal hypnotizing you and the world, the old king’s skeleton from no where about now being crowned a king of the underworld and Folk-desirable that reminding you for The Voynich Manuscript.

Perditions Call To Prayer: