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Sacrilege Of (Black Metal Rituals 2011)

Yousef and Muhammed taking their band name from the Arabic word meaning of desecration and Tadnees might be one of those from Saudi Arabia whose never will playing live o the stage or then, those two members will be definitely, executed by the authority of those fanatic fundamental and religious hypocrite of the kingdom.
Tadnees closely, like Burzum is the actual underground – in the infinite meaning possibly formed for hating the massive increasing of violence as the rise of Islam rapidly wiping almost the entire globe today but with that comes the dark secrets also reveals and the band collectively, creating their recording blasphemy themes of anti-religious and anti-islam as a permanent armour to fight the hideous plan of the fanatic heads of its imams and clerics whose spreading hatred towards the imbeciles and non-muslims. 
Satans Of Mosques combining the reality of Black Metal with Ambient to proto dark force in order to fight the infections of the fascist-based laws of the sharia and the blind jihad foolish concepts of obligations embracing by the most of fanatics of the realm under the prophet’s words and lies. Before It’s Too Late (Intro), From Mosques To Dust or even the tribute honoring Burzum within Dunkelheit will be the first act in tongue to destroying them completely.

Satans Of Mosques: