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Run Colours (Sub Pop 2017)


   Well the legendary label from the Grunge connections and Alternative Rock era in the beginning still alive and this time another good band being signed a deal with it as you might know now; within the long name like Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever straight outta Melbourne (Australia) and bring their Tough-Pop and Soft Punk on the way to spreading the melodies bouquet as it thrown back to the audience just like the good music coming out from your stereo system with Joe/Fran/Joe W/Joe R and Marcel writing and composing the arrangements of their own idealistic sounds and songs but didn’t (even) for once leaving the reality that you need to make a good freaking songs in order to survived the challenge and the systematic selections in Pop-Culture.
   The French Press would be a Pop-power to winding the road of perdition as the story of Alt-Rock goes on continuesly. 
Long session of solo and jamming or the wiser lyrics and titles for examples: Julia’s Place, Fountain of Good Fortune to Sick Bug. Light, simple, Foo-Fighters sounded alike and almost perfect rocking purr and harder combinations. 

If you didn’t like them maybe you can consider yourself as older folks now.

The French Press: