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Roll Gonna (Mountains Of Yucca 2015)

   Lower-lifer or pro bono sessions of  either Anarcho-Folk/Punk-Pop/Hardcore-Folk or Anarcho Pop music with country-style comedy shit arrangements from these bunch of Los Angeles, CA independent musicians gathered around off the non-gender border limitless idea to share or spends by Astrid Witchtree: violin/squeezebox/vocals, Tommy Danger: banjo/lyrics/vocals, Tiffany Thrasher: bass/vocals, Andrew Trashbeast: washboard/vocals and Rileigh Danger : pure madness on charmingly, detaches their crazy creations on this releasing record called Property Damage: A Love Story which carried the entire loud but acoustically trends on hillbilly or bluegrass-ing gazing music as Moon Bandits crew for you. Spreading their opinions and words not wisdom overtly the edge of civilizations of the modern advance idiots – Moon Bandits gimmickly – given their proof of a frontal decision and marking attempts to re-educating you all within the tracks of Desperation, Fuck The Man, Growin Or Dyin, So Tired, World War 3 onto Joe, Sea To See, Right in my Own Life, Things I know Very Little About and To Be of Use. So, if thses punkrockers Folkish gang wanted to approving them It Ain’t So Easy but at least – they sending the big image about We Ain’t Lazy, though !

Property Damage A Love Story: