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Riven Suffering (Bandcamp 2007)

If one deadly demanding for the thirsts of listening on brutal sounds made by the elders and legends of Extreme Metal fusion scene before as like Misery Index, Behemoth or Mastodon and At The Gates; perhaps – would finding the newer practice for head-bang and violent atmosphere where double bass-drums conquering the beats that always slicing faster, the solo melodic that slithering many necks and screaming front-men to die for just like when one found out about this Aschaffenburg – Germany’s Technical Melodic Death Metal and Metal-Core mixture band consisting of Alex, Phillip, Manuel and Kili – rejecting to be sounded ordinary and blasting their quartet performance louder and more noisy than ever.
Such a great try-out releasing over the band Betrayal’s album on Of Lust And Loss which literary metallic has showing the audiences on how stronger and violent the band can really grows and counting as First Name Evil bursts out or Feed Up My Pain came as a collider ball of astral vacuum invisible destruction or the blasphemous-themed Spit on Their Corpses is well-being planned to distracting the head-bangers to feed on them.

Of Lust And Loss: