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Revenge So Sweet (Witchwood Media 2009)

   English Rock group from the late of sixty four forming before and the soulful taste on their next steps after dedicated themselves for mixing the Folk Rock, Progressive Rock and Glam-Rock not just the beginning on bluegrass music as Sandy Denny to Rick Wakeman or the original members from the old past as Chas Cronk, Dace Cousins, Dave Lambert to Tony Hooper and many more as being remembered as (The ) Strawbs – after several good and average albums bombing to offers; the next steps would be a surviving new millennium music giant waves and with the bands hard maintenance and courage; Dancing to The Devil’s Beat keeping this coming for a good nostalgia among fans and many oldies around the globe as not only the six –strings shouting to the drummers but nobody noticing about how the keyboards taken over the mission accomplished as the band providing their repertoir like Pro-Patria Suite as being divided onto three sections, Copenhagen, The Ballad of Jay and Rose Mary, Where Silent Shadows Fall onto Beneath The Angry Sky. Even a dog loves ice cream that’s how men composing their valuable musical expressions.

Strawbs' Dancing To The Devil's Beat: