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Revelation Spills (Varese Sarabande 2009)

   Soundtrack for this Sci-fi thriller film is written by Marco Beltrami to accompanying the surviving escapes of Nicolas Cage and his family as Professor Jonathan “John” Koestler whose his son Caleb got the school project to re-writing the time capsule contents being buried fifty years ago by another girl student named Lucinda Embry whose mysteriously gone without a trace leaving only those digits of numbers soon to be found out as the calculation over a great disaster we called end of days, Armageddon or apocalypse as it was happening during the years occurs since the time capsule was buried deep.
The strangers giving Caleb black stones and his visions about a blazed earth and destruction; as his dad John trying to track down the relatives of Lucinda’s daughter Diana and the grand daughter Abby apprehensively scared cause the time must be ticking and running out. 
   Knowing (the original motion picture soundtrack) music comes with the suspense thrilling notes and orchestral inspiring to the rest of risky, rushy and hope lasts from the Main Title to Door Jam, Numerology to Moose on The Loose, It’s The Sun and Aftermath perhaps, referring onto those predictable events of the horrific last moment before the planet really really being cleansed once and for all not for the sins but for being malfunctioned as the problems grows today on over-populated birth and less-natural resources, famine and war; fundamental judgement and racism acts within class wars as well as the edge of civilizations leads its way to doomsday by themselves might becoming the reasons of why this disaster occurs to us. 
As the strange tall-white taking the children all around the world to saving them from the great extinction; John and Diana also given up to let them taking their own son and daughter into the space-ship (of Ezekhiel’s chariot wheels like vision from the bible) appears from above and then on the exact time leaving the dying planet once and forever to another Earth-like new planet where the seeds of little children from the old blue planet can grow – started from the beginning year zero not making the same mistakes as their parents and grandparents did while the Earth suddenly, being consumed by molten hot like hell-firing sun storming waves on the next day.