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Restroom Stop (Bandcamp 2017)

   You will love how Fox Amoore treats your imagination pretty well on his Classical Music for Easy Listening on orchestral epic themes and soundtrack influenced by Hans Zimmer, James Horner to Jerry Goldsmith to Keith Emerson and Chick Corea to Herbie Hancock straight to Rammstein, Dream Theater as well as New Age. Primarily, experimenting through modern original classic works to popular stuff from ragtime Dance to Techno.
Just like this official soundtrack to EF23 Pawpet Show in The Skies of Astar that’s really amazing and comprehended to listen for those whom liking Walt Disney classic tales to Fantasia and the spoken with no sound or instrumental tracks shall at least, carried the audience to the foreign land abound and beyond within the pleasure of the artistic efforts via The Big Bang, Dogless Dogfight, Piece of Cake to Not Kidnapping The Queen, Beginnings and Ends or Operation Yolo where the background battle between airplanes and dragons  happened in all magnificent panorama displays above the story-telling realm. 

Yes, you will love the album to the End Credits like we told you …

The Skies Of Astar: