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Rely On Knowing (RCA 2014)

Hackney, London – England girl with sensuality and great voice; great big power-pumpy grooves that rely on the clearance ways for Paloma Faith Blomfield sounding closer but not similar to Amy Winehouse as the British media didn’t wanted to making this girl with radish and colourful hair another day-martyr girl fulfilling their target on finding the answers for their rivalry counterparts of Pop, Rn’B, Electro-Pop to purely Modern Top-40 essentials like this project of the third recording releases from Paloma Faith with A Perfect Contradiction where Hip-Hop, Soul, Indie Pop to Funky Velcro vintage sounds all collaborates into one particular dancing medium checkers and sexual-tinged melodies by powerful harmony written and arranged like the very good one finest album to listen on your stereo while making love to your girl. The stunning dramatized on a broadway type-thing and more femme characters filling in all sexiness images you need to listening via Take Me, Mouth To Mouth, Only Love Can Hurt Like This, The Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall) and Love Only Leaves You Lonely might be the indicators for the audience to assure and knowing that even after the nominations for Clothes Show Style or ATC Hitz or Brit Awards; Paloma Faith – again is a single once more.

A Perfect Contradiction: