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Relenting Of Ummah (Independent 2014)

   Toronto, Ontario and Edmonton – Alberta (Canada) kept a very distinguished hateful thoughts in form of a band as Svolder could be your ultimate signs for the downfall battle on Black Metal beliefs as being anti-Islam, religious hatred themes, mockery and independently brutal as you can hear them roaring harder with the trinity of the unholy members: Imam Obama Al-Hussein (bass), The Prophet Muhammad (bass, guitar, vocals) and AbraHaraam (drums) unpleasantly – quickening the phase of destructions over your religious fanatic beliefs as thus sharia laws and the scriptures of lies being predicted to be the locomotives of the next century to destroying all the kufr or imbeciles on the face of the planet and letting the caliphates ruling the globe.
It shall never happened as these group like Svolder exists as well for the millions followers of the sceptic minds ready to flicking the wars over the fanatic arrogant just like the opening instrumental Introduction for their album on Desecration of The Five Holy Pillars as The Hadith of Gabriel or Deviant Rituals of The Sand Orphan, The Sunni Whore and Ibrahim’s Vile Swine completing the blasphemous anthems to abolish the tyrant governments and the empire of evil carrying the flag of black confessions that nothing greater than the pagan god and the its messenger. 

Twarts !

Desecration of The Five Pillars: