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Red Fox (Ipecac Recordings 2007)

   And afar the distance old days of the tribal golden age of battles and bloodshed of horse-riding raids over the enemy territory or the unknown lands before long we calling that America; pledging the Alternative Metal with traditional musical sounds and atmosphere presented by the experimental madness or brilliant ideas from Mike Patton (Faith No More teaming-up with The Jesus Lizard ex-guitar player Duane Denison intended to recruits Helmet’s drummer John Stanier and the brought for more insanity comes within Kevin Rutmanis (Melvins/Cows) as the project of the encouraging the native-spirits releases and spreading via Tomahawk – the ultimate axe buried but now has unearthed once again as War Song commits that the fighting is on again against the powerful enemy of the modern society which followed by Mescal Rite 1 to Ghost Dance – remarkably, getting ready to show the real power of the project group of these crazy motherfuckers gone red-skinned metallic there. 
   The album entitled Anonymous which carries the trademark of the traditional handicraft sacred to the native Americans on the north – dream catcher; presenting the heroic as the up or downfall being told through history and folklore that blending the traditions and the Heavy Rock collaborations that makes Song Of Victory, Antelope Ceremony, Omaha Dance and Sun Dance really sounded almost Ambient/Industrial/Tripping meets Tribal- beats as being original and one can imagine the rest of the various nation tribes uniting to free themselves from a white men’s curse.