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Rebuffat Trompe (Adagio830 2016)

   On the releasing of the third records – Slow, these Lyon – France company of Indie Punk Rock band  calling themselves Sport with the help from Nico Eschalier for mixing and recording; as the group member’s names from drummer Clement Meynier to guitarist Flo Pons with their second guitarist Nico Mollin, bassist Nak Gz and trumpet player Steven Whiteley or vibraphone by Renaud Cholewa as the vocals gang by Nak/Nico and Flo. 
   The design of those mixture on Emo-Rock, Indie-Pop and Punk Rock playing their track-lists within the songs of nine like Full House, Nod, Deadfilm, Word95 to Leaves - must all be fit to listening; whether you go to the amusement park and climbing up thus pirate ship dare to facing the perfect storm-kinds of situation or funny facing experiments with no morals or black and white picture of your band and a dog – meaning swell and plain to knowing that life’s is still continually good …