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Raz Dwa Burza (Polskie Radio 2016)

   Female musician whom loved to working for her interest on Pop-Indie Jazz and Pop Classic as being awarded internationally via film festivals and the media looking that specific talents like this Warszawa woman could go beyond the expectations even though her lyrics isn’t written in English at all but Polish.
The perfect recording for Karma where the fallen angel went down to earth closely, didn’t really realizing the borderline between lust, sins and kindness objectively promising by the listening try of those whom loving to have their private moment for Joanna Kondrat’s works like this example album. 
Ten songs which also provided not just by her talented piano play but also the band members: Maciej Tubis, Marcin Lamch and Radek Bolewski mesmerizing the harmony bids of timing treasure for Pop-silhouette graceful and beauty on foreign lyrics to tell the story in a completely not different quality to understand as Jazz Pop has taken over the stage of your ears unplugged through these clamly force on piano performance and live bands to the strings arrangements for Czas, Echo, Wiosna or Wyprowadz Mnie with the featuring guest like Stanislaw Sojka and Ten Typ Mes.