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Raumwelt Signal (Spiral Trax 2003)

Dub-missions on this chilled-out Electronic project of academic beats simultaneously entertaining to catch via the exhibitions of recording entitled Carrier Track by Henrik Jonsson – a Swedish producer of musical electronic calling himself Stress Assassin and sharing the products of his own; for example this secondary efforts by choices upon those whom liking instrumental Ambient, Dub and Down-Tempo much with the slightly taste of Caribbean touches of the tropical sunny beats and traditional sensual dance beat through the eagle landed to hunt for the favorable sounds like this one. Looking Glass Friend to The Soul of a Microwave Oven to Montecristo to Death For a Living and Cartoon City diverse the flux for heavenly scents of holiday being on your own will and enjoying the beaches, the girls and the drinks without any disturbance at all around you. As people might dreaming for it constantly, the Carrier Track might giving yours the wishes best to be wished for this November right before the year end’s resolutions moment and the choices for good music, neat fantastic weekend or the warm touches from your beloved concubines may turning to reality within this playing for your stereo mind and soft dirty thoughts for pleasure …

Carrier Track: