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Psuedo Negative Poogly (Punkcore Records 2000)

American All-female Street Punk-Crusty and Pop-Core mixing with slider shreds, fast fanatic tempos and crucial simplicity of angst in spikey long-time good friends forming their own protesting and colorful Mohawks with pretty faces must be adopted to these group of four The Devotchkas – influenced by the Clockwork Orange movie and Russian word meaning for the same purpose as “girls”. The Devotchkas consisting of Alaine on bass, Mande the guitarist, Gabrielle on drums and Jessica the lead vocalist didn’t really quite sounding like The Donnas but closer to the softer version of Early Rancid or The Street Puking Punks directs with filthy attitudes, harsh lyrics but good-looking models for any Punk-Pop magazines.

Choosing the debut and the only album released by them before these Long Island, NY’s band disbanded  - Live Fast, Die Young truly would recaptures the essential social presentation issues related to your lives near and closer or a far but interconnected; the Punk Rock cracking distortions noise ready to fight the injustice and greedy corporations or just simply, romance failure in the gutter via Wicked Hearts, Pushed to The Limit, Travel in Packs and Transparent Creed did the job firmly well to be understood. 

Live Fast, Die Young: