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Psalm Rebels Flesh (Not On Label 2017)

   Don’t fucking think too much while listening to Derive works of music that rocks your socks off. Brendan Blendell (banjo, bass, guitar, vocals), Paul De Grandpre ((drums), Greg Nahabedian (guitar, keyboards, percussion, vocals) and Paul Schmelz (guitar, alto saxophone, vocals) would be an ultimate quartet whom shaking your stereo completely not the same as yet again comes banging via their mixture of Art-Punk, Grind Metal, Hardcore dark and Post-Everything that rocks before them onto the example for this recording release through Instantly Black The Goodness comes in within thus short duration of blending seminal fast metallic and furious techniques as they’re perhaps – underrated before one has a listen of ears on them. 
The works contains more of serious plus comedy that bangs like a sick bad jokes or clever creativity intense as they’re suddenly can exploded. The eruptions for melodies and metal-influenced and grooves that confidence as Fresh Beginnings for Fresh Sins, Rust in August, Witch Dance straight to Forget Your Endless Longing or New Lutheran shall proving that this band deserved more recognition from the international media of metallic music.

Instantly Black The Goodness: