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Profit Over Sparkle (Bandcamp 2017)

   Fortaleza- Brazil’s common rockers trying to driving their efforts through the good personality sounds of Stoner/Groovy Southern Desert Rock style off their performance as Mad Monkees blasting the stereo system using the band’s non-slowing down tempos and semi-standard “guitar melodic music” as the quartet of Felipe Cazaux (guitars, vocals), Capoo Polacco (guitars), Hamilton De Castro (bass) and PH Barcellos (drums) given the right tracks like they’re one of the infamous reincarnations off Kyuss or Queen of The Stone Age with Latino’s younger touches that exploding rapidly and quick by responds in a premier Thrash-Rock primer docile progressions and catchy chords like Foo Fighters turning their asses to playing more Metallica meets Desert Rock sounds. Feel the crazy rocking process party like a drunken fanatic of great music live or recorded via Try Harder (Again and again), Deamons and Angels, I Cannot Feel, Monkee Business or Bombman spreading Screams and Scars on the same time you really needed something harder promising and didn’t sucks at all through this self-titled new album from them.

Produced by Carlos Eduardo Miranda. 

Mad Monkees: