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Problem Son (Sacred Bones Records 2017)

Comforting their own independent sounds in Dub mixed with Krautrock as well as Post-Punk and Psych-Synth and alternative over this e.p recording – Summer Came Early of themselves written and arranged pretty well – thanks to the quartet of Exploded View whom are Annika Henderson, Martin Thulin, Hugo Quezada and Amon Melgarejo craving the outtakes of psychedelic messy experiments turned curiousity as perhaps, some of thus personal obsessions compares to mental entrapment for finding freedom in Indie-Synth Pop.
The Mexico City group colliding onto their imperfect mini album prospects that may gathered less listeners but interesting to dig which lies the territory over the bravura march session on Mirror of The Madman in three minutes and forty-six seconds or Forever Free in about two minutes and forty one second; reacting as – a pleasure for those whom recently trying to find an independent forcible experiments among noise-blower in soft Pop tunes ...

Summer Came Early ep: