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Possessed Dead Girl (Not On Label 2006)

   So, Wednesday 13 did get his fanatic fans or this is would be a bastard sons of bitches having damned children from the intercourse with the demon or Wednesday 13 himself once – The Texas Drag Queen Massacre must be the form of interruptions for the ordinary pathetic world needs to be cleansing but instead – having these bunch of intruders rock-heads dressing up like the undead group playing Rock N’ Roll with Punk edgy riffs and chords – haunting your local gigs with their Horror-tinged themes just like The Misfits did but this time with more sharp claws borrowed from thus Extreme Glam Dark Metal and Hair ghoulish Rock with the spikey tracks on the lists.
   Al B. Damned for the vocals, Stitches the drummer, Face on guitars and Harry The Hatchet for the second guitar realizing their small ideas for scaring the permanent scarring moments for your sinful hearts needing to exposed the other-side of the undead world. 
   Unholy fuck sake’s big thank to them for having this debut album entitled – His And Hearse has taking the UK answers to their horrific US cousins scene a good slashing stuff to head-banging on while putting the record play loud on your bloody stereo. 
   As one and many should trying to condemned themselves to do damages via mutilations, torturing sessions or murderous attempts within the background drilling themed and songs like Toe Tag You’re It, Frankenstomp, Rave From The Grave, Duet to Disembowel You way through Kill Yourself or I Feel Like Rotting Tonight shall exclusively fits for your technical teenage snatching off the drunk party and drag them with you onto the horror basement down below where nobody can find them in a nick of time.

His And Hearse: