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Pollen Highline (Don’t Live Like Me 2017)

   As Resolver comes to stepping in the sights for how the audiences can measuring thus talents carried within the driving force off the trio Eric Gagne (guitars, vocals), Elisabeth Fuschia (viola) and Dustin Ashley Cole (drums) over their improvements to the Indie-Rock mixing with Bluesy Folk, Punk and Alternative Jangle sounds within the help by Michael Hesslein or Andrew Kivela and Candace Clement; these Peterborough, New Hampshire group – Footings may be the chosen one for those whom liking Indie Rock with Folk-influences much as the new generations would describing the reclaimed old sounds heritage of the nineties era back through this record.
   The good musical project claiming on Resolver must be a quite grabbing opportunity people might captured in hands – thanks to these musician as a band coming up within their self-written tracks like Vibration Too, Destroy, Hopelessly, Beech Trees, pajo to Ledge and Pollen blossoming the nurtured melodies as soft as the evening late breeze of November to our ears.