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Plague Madness (Independent 2014)

The combinations between thus roaring Thrash speeding slicer strings of the six or the guttural vocals eradicating the fear spreads onto the hearts of the cowardice people hating the loud blasting music and may At The Seams of Portland, Oregon comes and activating their miserable inappropriate devastating sounds on metallic brutal melodic session collaborates between Hardcore, Thrash Metal and Heavy Metal extreme Death focusing on the solidify brutality consciousness overall the gates of opening hell for earth and the surroundings via the performance made damn hard, loud and fucking well to head-banging by Spencer Tyler (vocals), Kevin O’Leary and Edward Kilpatrick on the double headed monstrous guitars to Dan Anderson (drums) and Brian Chilson (bass) bringing the effort out on this occult-based metallic ensemble from In Shadows of Giants. 

Six tracks of murderous music to offer for any psychopaths out there and may within Subliminal Fucking, Your Funeral or Water The Grave; the insanity comes back to snatching the living and the beautiful to then - be kept and slowly torturing and destroyed.

In Shadows of Giants: