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Phantasy Star (Independent 2014)

Into the rhythm sections, characteristic anthem vocals and walls of soft distorted guitars to compared onto the last century Alternative Goth-Pop or Gothic Rock personality came across the souvenir sounds made well by the Christchurch, New Zealand group Villain having their releasing album of self-titled led by thus laden-effects and atmospheric baritone vocals by Shaun McTague with his three companions: Edward and Richard Kwon on bass and drums to Cameron Hoy the guitarist having the same perspective over the likes for Joy Division, Bauhaus to Sisters of Mercy or Soft Kill and The Jesus and Mary Chain. As the fox stretching head being chosen for their front cover basic image; the loud noisy distortions spanking thus ears of their listening fans ready to get started or electro-shocked by the sounds as the progressions and the melodic performance collaborates through Villain the album on Drop a Knee, RPM, Castlevania to Swandive Soldier and Vinny’s Garden.
Awesomely, cool to follow and this time modernity didn’t attaching to your labeled new music too much far different, these songs sounded just like the old materials from the late eighties re-shaping back by the musician’s grandchildren to make depressions - impressive …