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Petrula The Destroyer (The Music Group 2008)

   From the Northern mountain of Stockholm to Chicago, IL your brothers of Erik and Kent Widman comes as the best melodic and Power-Pop measurement through the use of blending in Electronic, Indie-Rock and Synth-Pop as Love In October that’s going to making the listeners falling in love once again with this type of music which composed by these siblings. Writing and recording their music with the perfect sounds of a modern version of whether The Beach Boys or The Cars youth-life perspective about romance, falling in love, confusing relationships or sarcastic jokes on the debut – Pontus, The Devil In Me with additional drummers like Ryan Pope, Jeremy Anderson and Adam Welle to pushing the limit of their Pop-Rock attacks over those attractive songs like I Dream of Marie Antoinette, Find Me Sunshine, Oh The Truth, A Day in The Life to Circa 1989 and beyond for more.

   Carried thus burdens and heavy worries on your back like they're stays there on the sophomore leaves light suggestions over thoughts - let yourself fall in love with them !