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Perde Kaldirma (Important Records 2010)

   When suddenly, half-Moroccan Jajouka maestros cleansing their enlightenment minds to entering the phase where dirty tricks and sexual practice would be legalized undermine whether you are holy men playing unclean music or reversed combinations for being a Seattle’s finest independent sounds of seminal underground Progressive Rock mentally neutral but slicky sleazed by the basic instincts via these Master Musicians Of Bukkake (increasing your curiosity – aren’t they ?) as consisting for Bill Horist, Brad Mowen, Dave Abramson, Don McGreevy, James Davis to John Schuller and Milky Burgess to Randall Dunn, Timb Harris and Timm Mason or Andrew McInnis; releasing the tribal Psychedelic Avant-Garde and experimenting Prog-Rock musical off the fourth recording releases – Totem Two. Strange complication and confusing essence colliding softly, hard or medium by the incense powerful scent or touch camouflaging the rest of thus occult-ism remembrance not only just fragrance monolith by amputating the scenery on the fusion of noises and capability of musical instrumental performance by each members, collecting the bare-naked disturbing noises spreading towards the audience hearing sensations. Bardo Chonyid/Master of All Visible Shapes, The Heresy of Origen  to Coincidentia  Oppositorum or Patmos might carrying the listeners to the realisations of seventh heaven skies as by layer to layers – they’re experiencing thus big bang and goddesses existence through Rock/Folk/World Music and Country plateau. 

One might comes back fully renewed or crazily, stupid ...

Totem Two: