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Pencil Sharp O (Headhunter Records 1992)

   Fast and loudly seminal to getting closer onto those grungy Velcro and massive energy flowing in a semi-rawness with distortion cranking like the excessive rocks on ice whiskey blender with vomit as promised to be broken via the performance of the pacifist radicalization rock-heads quartet: bassist Mike Kennedy, guitarist John Reis, drummer Mark Trombino and vocalist/guitarist Rick Froberg of our underground Punk-Hardcore emotional project superb well-known among thus independent and nihilistic sub-culture genre in Drive Like Jehu releasing the first debut album. Screaming rocking emotional power and force speed-ahead feedbacks over the standard anger in lyrics written honest to struggling the next modern day eclipse of the early nineties in America.
   Indie Rock meets metallic Hardcore and Punk producing the Future Home of Stucco Monstrosity, Atom Jack, Step on Chameleon or Spikes to You might affordable onto studying the dying messages towards the youth whom being hypnotizing by the relaxation caused by the advance technology conquering the masses as the Pop-culture had been killed by the custard pie named MTV ...

Drive Like Jehu: