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Peggy Yeah Yeah Yeah (Wilory Records 2005)

Melodic flairs and uplifting harmony as the simple lyrics may (then) spinning the sorrow into joy and kids also would loving how she manage to writing her works of musical trademark as a poetic graceful of warmth and multi-instrumental musician creating her own weaving blending on Country, Folk, Blues and Pop combinations to eclectic Disco/Jazz that sharing humorous, Texas beats, acoustic Americana and Children’s music to bare for the class collections during the holiday or greeting seasons to the end of year concert with credits goes to Terri Hendrix herself with the papoose/mandolin/harmonica and live sounds performance on electric guitars to acoustic one; producer Lloyd Maines on electric guitars/mandolin/banjo/steel, Glenn Fukunaga on ukulele/bass guitar, Paul Pearcy (percussion), Riley Osbourne on piano, Noah Jeffries, Dennis Ludiker (fiddle) to Stan Smith for clarinet. This album entitled – Celebrate The Difference (Kids) shall giving your little sons and daughters and pre-schooling children a very great funny time learning how to sing and develops as well in kindness with Play Ball, Get Your Goat On, Invisible Friend, Nerves, A Place in The Choir to Lluvia De Estrellas, Walkin’ On The Moon and Car Car truly can make your house smiling on with the music project from Terri Hendrix of San Marcos.

Celebrate The Difference (Kids):