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Overcoming Plastic (Self-Released 2017)

The group of Alternative Metal Modern and Doom connection from Sierra De Madrid which consisting for Ruth O’Leary, Koa Kenaz, Blue Rodriguez and Chloe Gaugor as the newer bands from the enlightenment gate of the new millennium begins to crawl; to blasting the needs for more eventually rocking fortunes via thus occultism-based fully energy and big steps works for the audience whom loving things that comes like these mixed force of sounds.
The recording release from Bones Of Minerva with Blue Mountains might sounding authentic and adventuring at the same time. 
Thus seven tracks with high intensity and techniques bursting clearly and promising to catch by the ears; medium atmosphere of magic and rock sessions to the solo features to those venture of ancient meets modernism at the reality balance which occurred gallantly in progression towards the songs like Fear is a Biscuit, Eery Octopus to Aces and Defenders – all included to perfecting the first album of them onto a classic collection.

Blue Mountains: