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Ordeal Extremis (Independent 2013)

The Melodic Thrash Metal and Death-basic certain approach towards these Pune, Maharashtra (India) group of Halahkuh consisting of Chinmay Bokil (guitars), Subhrajyoti Sarkar (guitars) and Prasenjit Paul (drums) maliciously, bashing their entry of showing progress and techniques that would impressing you all via the e.p session of Desecration as being totally, inspired by the legend heritage and historic of Genghis Khan and the descendent of Hulagu Khan as the destroyer of Baghdad and Islamic modest and advance civilizations of the middle east or western parts of Asia territory virtually – coming like the second touch-down of the anti-christ to the Europeans and this unrelenting Death/Thrash Metal style channeling the strength of imaginative visions among all the destructions and bloodshed being vicious and war-like intentions off Sacrilege (featuring Shasshank Bhatnagar) for the duration of 04:06 or Possessed Strangulated and Enslaved comes over 05:04. Specials and total slithering tom slay your diets off metallic force materials and ruining the celebrations on your neighboring religious hoods to the ground.